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A Word About Sex

Many men and women are not aware of the importance nutrition plays in improving sexual vitality. Mental attitude, aggressiveness and a general feeling of well being all are intimately connected with sexual health.

Adequate nourishment is needed to excite the endocrine glands, which produces increased hormone secretions, resulting in increased sexual vigor. Endocrine glands such as thyroid, pituitary and testes are specifically nourished by certain nutrients or herbs. For example- B Complex vitamins enter into the cellular and tissue construction of the thyroid gland and “energizes” an increased hormone flow. Brewer’s yeast is an excellent source for obtaining Natural B Complex.

Zinc, Vitamin E and certain nutrients and herbs play an important part in sexual health. A zinc deficiency can result in more infections, a weakened immune function, delayed sexual development in boys and girls, and prostate problems in men.

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