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A Word About Herbs

The term herb refers to any plant used for medicinal purposes and many have been for thousands of years. Herbal medicines could be made up of a whole plant, parts or extracts of a plant or a combination of plants. Many people use herbal medicines because they have beneficial results without the side effects of some pharmaceutical drugs.

The growth of interest in herbal medicines and natural therapies within the last two decades has prompted scientific researchers to produce large amounts of information on the use of plants and plant substances as medicinal agents and has provided scientific validation for their use.

Herbal products are available in many forms such as tea, tinctures, fluid extracts, powders, capsules and tablets.

Some herbs have potent effects and may interact with other medications, so they must be used appropriately. It is always wise to consult a qualified, licensed health professional, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical problem.

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