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Why Take Sanapac's Dietary Supplements?

People are focusing more than ever on nutrition to help them live healthier, longer and happier lives. Growing evidence suggests that many people suffer from diseases that can be controlled or prevented through diet and lifestyle. Along with the interest in diet has come a focus on nutritional supplements as people search for ways to feel better, look better and stay healthy. As many as 70% of people take them at least occasionally. But many people still have questions.

  • What do vitamins and minerals do?
  • Am I getting enough in the foods I eat?
  • Should I take supplements?
  • Which ones should I take and how much?
  • Can supplements help me look and feel healthier?
  • Can they prevent diseases?
  • Can they slow the aging process?

The answers to these questions are not always clear-cut. A healthy adult can get adequate amounts of nutrients from a balanced diet....but adequate for optimal health?

Many people don’t get all the nutrients they need from their diets because they don’t eat well. Many people are on weight loss diets, regularly skip meals or eat foods high in sugar and fat. People also have varying nutritional needs and ways of meeting those needs.

There are those with clearly increased needs such as pregnant women, the elderly, those taking long term medications, and those who are chronically ill. Such people probably all have needs greater than their diet can meet. This is where the “nutritional insurance” of supplements can help.

Since 1957, The Sanapac Co., Inc. has been providing men and women with the nutrients their bodies need by offering a line of multi-vitamins formulated to meet those needs and lifestyles.

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