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A Word About Weight Control

One of the major nutritional concerns of today is weight control. It is a known fact that people of normal weight live longer, feel better and are more energetic. Weight problems can cause such conditions as high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney trouble, diabetes, physiological problems and complications during pregnancy.

When more calories are consumed than the body can use, weight gain will result. One pound of fatty tissue is equal to 3500 calories. When the number of calories used up daily exceeds the amount consumed, the body oxidizes excess fat to produce energy and we lose weight.

All activities can burn up calories. One hour of office work uses up only 10-15 calories, whereas one hour of brisk walking can use up to 100 calories; driving, about 40, and strenuous exercise, hard work and sexual intercourse may burn up to 400 calories per day.

For a person to sensibly lose weight, a long range diet plan has been proven best. This must include essential vitamins and minerals and a low saturated fat diet to achieve a gradual weight loss. In general, weight loss is a matter of seriously curbing food intake, watching the foods we eat and increasing our daily activity. Some nutrients beneficial in weight control include the vitamin B complex, especially B6 (a natural diuretic); Vitamin B12 (to help activity); Inositol, Vitamin C & E along with Iodine for healthy thyroid action.

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